palmetto bay

A beautiful community with a family-friendly culture, Palmetto Bay, FL caters to residents who enjoy stunning surroundings. It is located directly on Biscayne Bay's shoreline, providing you with fast access to a wide range of exciting recreational opportunities.

In the summer of 1992, Hurricane Andrew devastated Palmetto Bay, FL, and entire neighborhoods and business districts were destroyed. Yet this neighborhood has maintained its place as a desirable place to live.

This fast-growing hamlet strikes a remarkable balance between excellent living and quality growth through its unique blend of rural, old Florida charm and metropolitan modernity.

Besides that, here are four other things you'll love about the thriving community of Palmetto Bay, FL.

4 Things To Love About Palmetto Bay, FL

1. Lifestyle and Culture

Locals have access to a comprehensive park system that includes five village parks and two county facilities. Several recreational options provide residents with both active and passive activities, a neighborhood library, and events and programs.

Residents also enjoy easy access to several restaurants, accommodation, retail services, and shopping destinations ranging from huge chains to family-owned businesses.

2. Shopping and Restaurants

Palmetto Bay, FL is known for its exquisite dining and smart shopping options. There are amazing restaurants to select from, day or night!

Check out The Black Marlin, which offers their Signature Food Network-approved appetizer, Sushi Nachos. Then, head to the Carolina Crab Company that delivers superb seafood in one of Hilton Head's historic fishing marinas.

After a sumptuous meal, make sure to shop for souvenirs. Check out Antique Mall Y'All for great antique items at a reasonable price.

3. Things to Do

Palmetto Bay, FL is a great location for travelers to enjoy natural, historical, and cultural treasures. Residents can visit places such as Coral Reef Park, Pisco y Nazca, and Palmetto Golf Course!

Palmetto Bay's Coral Reef Park is a popular destination for locals and visitors alike, but don't be fooled by the name — it's a landlocked park. Despite not being on the beach, the park is a lovely refuge for walkers, cyclists, and picnickers. Consider visiting during the week or early in the morning when the park first opens.

You can also visit Pisco y Nazca, which is generally referred to as a Ceviche Gastrobar. Here you can enjoy Peruvian dishes, which are nutritious and packed with rich, colorful flavors that appeal to people looking to stray from the tried-and-true culinary path.

If you’re up for some game, visit the Palmetto Golf Course, which spans more than 100 acres of gorgeous South Florida property. It's noted for its well-kept greens and fairways, as well as ample but not excessive sand and water hazards that provide a pleasing challenge. It's a good idea to schedule your tee time ahead of time.

4. Real Estate

At $330 per square foot, Palmetto Bay, FL median listing home prices are trending up year-over-year. Sales have been excellent, for which there is a strong market. If you’re considering investing in a home in this town, you’ll see an advantage when prices go up.

Still, living in Palmetto Bay, FL provides you with a strong sense of what it's like to live in the suburbs. Most residents of this neighborhood own their homes, but some renters tend to be liberal.

Listings Currently For Sale in Palmetto Bay

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