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At Rua Realty we take pleasure in assisting Buyers find their home, financing, contractors, and all necessary aspects of the process to lead deals to closing. With the joy of finding a home also comes the frustration when either Buyers can’t find exactly what they are looking for or they evaluate and reevaluate and end up losing out on a great home. This is normal. With my experience I have developed a sense as to which homes are deals and will be sold relatively quick. I never “hurry” or pressure my clients to purchase a home, unless necessary…

To Buyers (especially first-time homebuyers), I understand your frustration in the current home buying market. It is not easy and it will possibly get a little more difficult as supplies of homes have sharply decreased in comparison to 2008-2010 levels (2009 held a 4 year supply while currently there is 6 month supply of homes in Miami-Dade County). Couple these stats with the 2008 and current credit crisis and it remains difficult for buyers to obtain financing resulting in a “cash buyers” market rather than a “buyers market” and in some cases a “sellers market.”

It is common for every homebuyer especially first-time homebuyers to expect to purchase the “perfect” home. My advice is that no one home will be perfect and there will always be some work required to make the home your “home”.

Our goal remains to always find the “right” home that makes the most sense for our clients.

Please contact one of our agents if you have any questions or comments regarding your home search or any real estate related concerns.

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