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NEW: Get to Know your City Series

Rua Realty will begin highlighting events throughout our community and neighborhoods.  

Kicking things off..Miami Spice! 

Miami Spice is an annual event that commences this week. It offers a great opportunity to taste some of the finer dining establishments located throughout South Florida. Some of the areas included are Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, Brickell, & Miami Beach. Restaurants provide a tasting menu for lunch & dinner (limited days, check link below). If you enjoy Brunch, Miami Spice now features brunch on weekends at some participating restaurants. 

See the list of participating restaurants below as well as articles/links highlighting some of the best deals and menus. 

Miami Spice Participating Restaurants (Greater Miami and the Beaches)

Miami Spice 2017: The Best Menus in Every Neighborhood (Miami New Times)

 Top 10 Best Bets for Miami Spice (Eater Miami)

The Best Deals at Miami Spice This Year (Thrillist)

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